Let Go.

in our day to day lives, things happen that we don’t have the capacity to handle mentally or emotionally in that moment. Our body subconsciously protects us from all the less than wonderful experiences we undergo by storing those experiences in the body physically: through the nervous system. 

Our Way.

through a series of gentle reminders to the body, we can expand the bandwidth of what we’re able to handle on a day to day basis. In the past, just going to work may take every ounce of energy we have. Even if we have the time to do things we enjoy, we just can’t find the will to do them. They’ve been outside of our capacity to handle, outside of our stressed bandwidth. 


vitalistic care is about integrating the stress to your nervous system so your body’s innate intelligence may do exactly what it was designed to do: heal from the inside-out. After just a few months of care at ROOT, our people come to us with a newfound happiness they have discovered in their once overwhelming life.

From the Desk of Dr. Bryan:

“It’s not about treating, it’s about healing. Our holistic model allows us to look at your whole being and determine the source of your concerns. From here we can work with your body to help enhance your innate healing capabilities and transcend physical, mental, emotional, or chemical conditions.

Our innovative approach works directly with your body’s nervous system to bring about a change that may help people:

– Regain the confidence to get back on track with their health
– Combat persistent health issues, stress, and chronic pain
– Achieve a quality of life they deserve
– Align their lives to the way they want

You are innately designed to live with radiance and vitality, adapting to the day to day stress of life, rather than being controlled by it. It is in this state that you are simultaneously overcoming your health obstacles, achieving personal growth and life satisfaction, and living your Optimal Life. We are simply here to serve you along the way.”

See more from Dr. Bryan here


I thought Chiropractors only treat back pain? As Vitalistic Chiropractors in Ooltewah, we have a much more holistic model for health. We look at you as a whole being and use your body’s wisdom to unleash your innate healing abilities. We simply allow you to function the way you were innately designed, a place where symptoms, sickness and disease do not live.

This integrative approach will address the source of your concerns and allow you to transcend physical, mental, emotional or chemical conditions. You are innately designed to live with radiance and vitality. We are here to serve so you may live by design taking your health and quality of life to new heights.

Live a Happier, Healthier Life.