a step by step guide for those who want to know the process from start to finish for your first time in the ROOT offices. 


Getting Started

You can fill out a contact form here. Let us know about any physical limitations you’ve had in the past, chronic aches or pains, feelings about every day activities (scary, difficult, impossible), and why you think this treatment is right for you.


We will be in contact with you in less than 24 hours to schedule YOUR appointment. In your original contact form, let us know if you prefer a phone call, a text message, or an email. Your comfort is our priority, and we will always respect your wishes. 

The Paperwork

After we set an appointment time with you, we’ll send you our intake form to fill out online, just 15 minutes of your time. It’s been crafted specifically to help us help you, so being completely transparent and answering all questions honesty is paramount. 

Where to Go

Our centre is located in Chattanooga, TN at the Wellness Corner behind Nutrition World. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a member of our team, and at that time we can answer any additional questions you may have. 

What it's Like

We understand that a new experience can seem like added stress, so we strive to make your first visit as comfortable as possible, so you can be as open as you’d like. We aim to help heal you, and the first step is to stop, and listen to all you have to say.

Live a Happier, Healthier Life.